Monday, March 28, 2005

Start delayed due to weather

Kasey called me yesterday to let me know that although she had planned to start on Easter heavy rains, high winds, and the possibility of hail made her decide to stay off the trail for an extra day. I think that she was still with my parents and I heard her ordering a stout so I know that she is fine. I haven't heard from her today so I am assuming that she did make it out although I have checked the weather and there are some high wind alerts and calls for some rain. She has to go sometime and the weather isn't going to cooperate the entire way so why should it start sunny and warm.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Kasey has left the building

This past weekend I said goodbye to my wife for the next 5 months. I'll still be able to talk to her occasionally on the phone and we'll be writing letters and exchanging digital photos, but no direct contact with her until Mid-August in New Hampshire. We left Thursday night from Denver (where it was snowing) and drove through the night all the way to Columbia, MO. There we met my parents, got some breakfast/lunch and then I said goodbye. It was much more difficult than I thought it would be, but I put on tough act because I knew she was nervous about the trip and I didn't want her to worry about me. I immediately went to find a place to run so that I could clear my mind. You can read about that experience soon on my blog "Tales from Rocky Mountain Trails". The hardest part was when I finally arrived home Saturday evening. I'm used to looking for the other car to see if she is home. I realized that this doesn't hold true any longer and I'll always be coming home to an empty home. I think that I'm going to move the other car so that I don't see it when I come home.

P.S. I'm going to put all of my(Mike) posts in green so that you'll know when I'm talking and leave Kasey's posts in black so you'll know it is her.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


So here we are looking at 12 days until departure. It feels like it will never get here! As I hear more and more of news around the trail, i get nervous and anxious. A friend of mine in PA tells me of a serial rapist attacking solo women on hiking trails in the area. One of my co-workers, tells me of people being rescued from Smokey Mountain National Park with hypothermia. Am I really prepared enough for this excursion?

I suppose it is good that I hear all of this information, as it makes me more aware of what is going on and to remember to be safe. Many I talk to tell me to carry pepper spray! Is it legal? Is it safe for someone like me? I suppose that is part of the adventure. Some of the books I have been reading talk about over preparation ruining the trail experience. So, I try not to over prepare, but what exactly is over preparation?

For the most part, I feel ready. Mentally, I am more than ready to get out of here. At the same time, I wonder if I am fooling myself into thinking I will have alone time on the trail when there are thousands of backpackers hiking this trail each year! I suppose even with 1000 backpackers on a 2200mile trail there is at least 2miles of area for each backpacker. Everything is going to be fine! What a crazy excursion on which to embark! I'm just eager to get out there and experience it all and take in all that is to be absorbed!

Thank you everyone for your support! Please do not worry about me as I will finally be able to worry about me! Take over worrying about yourselves as that is what I have been doing for the past 21years! I need to know everyone I have worried about for the past 21 years will be alright while I am gone! You know who you are and I hope all will be well with you. All my love to all of you! Enjoy my journey as I will be enjoying the time to reflect and introspect upon myself.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

3 Weeks to Adventure

Well, here comes adventure! Only 3 weeks left until my dream trip begins. For a procrastinator, planning this trip has been difficult! Luckily, it is pretty much set, and I am more than ready to go! These last few weeks are just touch up time on the beauty of my journey! So, much to do and set in place to make sure everyone here is fine and to be able to enjoy my travels to the highest level.

I look forward to starting my excursion along side of many other crazy people much like myself who will start around the same time! The trip will travel from Georgia north to Maine. For those looking to talk about me, I will be affectionately termed a Northbound Thru-hiker. Much about the trail can be learned either through the Appalachian Trail Conference Website or by visiting my website when it gets up and running. This is just the initiation of my blog and the birth of a website! Please stay tuned for humor and excitement from the trail. Maybe there will be lions and tigers and bears...Oh MY! Stay tuned!