Monday, March 28, 2005

Start delayed due to weather

Kasey called me yesterday to let me know that although she had planned to start on Easter heavy rains, high winds, and the possibility of hail made her decide to stay off the trail for an extra day. I think that she was still with my parents and I heard her ordering a stout so I know that she is fine. I haven't heard from her today so I am assuming that she did make it out although I have checked the weather and there are some high wind alerts and calls for some rain. She has to go sometime and the weather isn't going to cooperate the entire way so why should it start sunny and warm.


Anonymous said...

I too heard from Kasey last night. She was in the car heading back to the lodge. I lost her twice on the phone. I called back and left a message after the second time. She was with Millie and Jim and had walked 1 1/2 miles earlier. Some guy left in the bad weather figuring exactly what you said. But the weather was severe. On the trail they head for cover. mzp

Anonymous said...

I just found this blog, and I can't wait to hear what goes on!
I like the idea of two different colors -- but could you make your's a darker green or a different color? The light green is very hard to read. I have to highlight all the text to make it appear.

Anonymous said...

A very good friend of mine hiked the AT in 2002, and finished and I am a water, moral supporter of the PCT. So good luck, we know you will have a blast!!!!!!
jenny from california and Jamie from N. Carolina

Anonymous said...

I was watching the weather, and am very glad she held back one day. Bad weather is one thing, but severe weather is too dangerous. Weather looks good for the next week, and also for my section. I am getting anxious to go.

Anonymous said...

Kasey - Congrats! My mom sent me your article from the Cadillac Evening News! I hope you find what you are searching for! Good Luck! I have your blog bookmarked and will be keeping up with your journey! You Go Girl!!!!!!

-Jen (Darrigan) Wray

Anonymous said...

So, I'm a day behind and I'm only getting further behind! The weather is an amazing thing! I am having issues trying to post to my own blog and have asked mike to help out. I will try to post again, the next time it is available to me. Just know that I am safely staying out of tunderstorms. In Helen, GA tonight with friends. Earned my trail name: PEEPS! Thanks family members for that name! :) Weather looks good the next couple days, but it is mountain country so who knows what we will get tomorrow for sure! Thinking of everyone at some point or another during the day! I have nothing better to do while walking up and down crazy hills day in and day out! Take care everyone and know that I am safe with new friends here in GA...soon to be in NC about 2 days!

Karla said...

Happy Birthday Kasey! We miss you.

Karla and Cara

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