Friday, July 01, 2005

New Jersey

So, start looking for me to tick off states now! I left Delaware Water Gap and moved into New Jersey! Everyone said PA was bad with their rocks, well Jersey is bad with their trails. There have been bushes covering the trail to the point of wondering if you are going the right way. "Morel", "Spice Rack", and I actually did get semi-lost one day. Luckily, I turned things around by telling them it did not look right, and they listened! Anyway...
Spice Rack and I left Delaware Water Gap, PA around noon on the 28 June 2005. Yes, we are no good at getting an early start out of towns! So, we had to climb up onto a ridge, but luckily it was an easy, well graded trail. We made it up to Sunfish Pond where we decided to set down our packs for an afternoon break. Little did we know we were on the other side of the bushes from "Morel". We talked with him a bit and all three of us decided the pond looked too nice not to get in as the day was hot and humid! A nice swim led to sunning ourselves on the rocks and reading a passage from Travels with Charley by Steinbeck. It was a beautiful day. Around 3:30pm, the three of us decided to travel on to the YMCA camp for the night! The camp was a little difficult to find, but once there it was a nice rickety cabin by the lake/pond. We listened to the frogs croaking throughout the evening. That was probably the best night of sleep I have had on the trail! There were beds in the cabin.
The next morning, we were all slow moving to get out of the camp. Luckily, "Spice Rack" and I were only going a short distance of about 4miles. We convinced "Morel" to join us in our slacking off. It has been nice hanging with him again! A pass through Cluvers Gap allowed me beer and grilled cheese to power me into camp. It rained mostly all day! My Patagonia sports bra is not very good at wicking away moisture and I will look to my husband to send me the tank top I asked for! Camp was nice and we had a full shelter.
From the Gren Anderson Shelter, we had another short day to the "secret Shelter" on the Murray property. It was a beautiful farm land area where we had a little cabin to stay in with a shower and a sink. It was a beautiful area and we saw skunk, woodchuck, racoon, and mating mules. The cabin was warm and my fellow hikers left me alone in there to pitch their tents outside. So, I pitched my tent inside the shelter, opened the windows, and slept soundly! It was great! I had to laugh.
Today was a glorious hike into Vernon, NJ. Not much up and I ran into "Iron Foot" again. We hiked together for a bit and talked about our 2nd or 3rd day sitting the south side of Blood Mtn trying to decide whether to go over it or go around it. It is always great running into "Iron Foot" as he and I started together and hopefully will finish aroudn the same time. Just as I came to the road, there was a farmers market to the left. I found Bubble Gum ice cream, Chocolate Milk, peaches, and plums. It was wonderful. I indulged! Spice Rack arrived and we caught a hitch into town. The guy who picked us up knew exactly where to take us and drove like a bat out of... The town seems nice and the St.Thomas Church is a great hostel place with all the hiker ammenities: shower, laundry, internet, and sodas. What more could a person ask for? Maybe my bed from home.
So, anyway, things are going well still on the trail. The humidity is a bear, but I have not seen the bears people say are everywhere in Jersey. Maybe they will come lick my toes in New York or futher North! Looking to possibly do a mountain top for the 4th or hang with the monks! We will see where the trail takes us!
I continue to look forward to seeing my husband and am counting down the days! He is on my mind constantly and always in my heart. This trip has made me realize just how wonderful he is and what an impact he has on my life. I love you my darling with all my heart!


Anonymous said...

As usual, good seeing an entry. I still marvel at the experience. Think of you often in this heat but relief should be coming your way. Wouldn't it be neat to spend the 4th atop a mountain where you could see several city fireworks? Wish there was a way to capture what you are seeing!

Love ya bunches

Stay safe, stay healthy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lengthy entry. It helps us back home - who are all thinking of you often - to relate to what you are doing. I sense a shift in your trying to get the most of the experience rather than just getting in the miles. Enjoy - you'll probably only get to do this once. Happy 4th and keep trekking. The in-laws

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are going fine. I can really tell you are enjoying things. I look forward to the updates to keep us on track with what is up. Keep on trucking and enjoy life.

The Rancks

Anonymous said...

Love to read of your experiences! Hope you get to SEE a bear but not be surprised by one :-) We will seeing you in less than 3 weeks so get a message to us if there is anything in particular you want/need. Hope you have a spectacular 4th!
Love ya bunches!
Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

Ask for comments and ye shall receive! This was a good posting with more details about the trail. I am sending your flag today (July 6th).

Thinking of you always!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. We made it back from our trip to MI and yes you were the topic of conversation at the family picnic! Hope you received our box as we forwarded it on. Keep on trecking and I look forward to the next update.


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