Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Welcome Home Celebration

Well, I am a little late in posting about the Welcome Home Party this past Saturday, but I'm still trying to adjust to being back in Denver.

So, for those who do not know. My sister and friend, Holly, along with Mike's help threw me a Welcome Home Party at Wynkoop on Saturday night. For most of the week leading up to the party I was apprehensive. I had jsut come from the woods where I was mostly alone but never truly alone, and here I was going to be swarmed by people wanting to know about my journey and also telling me how thin I am. The book, a journey north by adrienne hall, I am currently reading sums it up pretty well about my feelings as a thru-hiker. "Thru-hikers often feel more connected to the natural world and reflect the drive and purpose they see in nature. They often leave the woods with an enlightened, relaxed feeling, like they have a big secret which no one else would understand." I was worried about trying to convey this to people at the party.

Luckily, I did not hear too many times how thin I was and did not have to repeat too many stories. Everyone seemed to have different questions and enjoyed the slide show we were able to set up on Mike's laptop computer. We layed out the maps I had carried for a little while until the elevation profiles frustrated me to no end and I sent them all home. Many people browsed those as I talked to different people.

My sister got me a great cake with hikers on it, and unfortunately she did not get any until the following Monday due to having to pack up the kids and head home for bed! The party ended relatively early as people decided to leave and I was getting tired anyway. Hiker midnight (9pm est) had already come and gone and I was needing to lay down if nothing more!

It was a great evening and I enjoyed seeing friends, family, and those interested in the trip. Without their support, I would never have made it through this trip. Thank you everyone for the support and a great welcome home!

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there. I know everyone is glad you are home. Keep your travels in mind as you continue thru the future.

love ya bunches and so glad you stayed safe and stayed healthy!:)