Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ticked Off

Alright! What the heck is the deal with the crap comments on this blog of mine? Do people think because I spent time in the woods that I am homeless and need a little action? For those looking at my blog and wanting to post crap, PLEASE REFRAIN! As for my friends and family reading this blog, I am not homeless nor do I need any action!



I could use a little hiking action!

A year ago today, I was hiking out of the NOC with my father straight uphill! That was the short trip where I tried to kill my father with the incline! It did not work as he is still alive and looking to get married in the next year!

Springer Fever is still strong within me and driving me out of my bed early in the morning to hike, run, walk, or climb stairs. Anything that gets me out seeing the sunrise again! Maybe I should look into seeing the sunset as well. It is a little more difficult seeing the sunset with the Rockies in the way. That is where I will wait until I am on vacation in Michigan to see the sunset over Lake Michigan! What a beautiful way to spend an evening!

My saturday mornings have been filled with hiking in the morning before going to work. It feels good to be moving and I hope to start adding my pack and some weight to my hikes to regain the muscle I had on the trail. Luckily, I have not gained back too much weight, but still missing the body I created on the trail. Gotta get in shape for the big climb up Pikes Peak in August!

Not much else happening at this time. Still hiking and still wishing I was carrying 40 pounds on my back while doing so over a long period of time. Met with trail friends recently and it was good to hang out and rehash the trail. Sent Eagle Eye off for his foot surgery with a few beers in his gut! What a great night last sunday! Looking to do it again upon his return to us!

Life is good and always an adventure! Try to find your own advenure and stay away from porn and realtors! I do not condone either of those posting comments to my blog!