Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Next Challenge

So, a couple postings ago, I asked for the next physical challenge. Well, I think I found it. This past Sunday, I did my first training on Pike's Peak. Mike, Holly, and I hiked up to Barr Camp which is about 7miles from downtown Manitou Springs. We hiked from the Cog Railway which shaved about a mile off the total mileage. It took 2:13:56 to get to Barr Camp and the legs were beginning to get tired. At the same time, my tummy was getting hungry. We rested for about 15minutes before heading back down.

On the way down, we hiked for a bit before I got the urge to run. Part of me was freaking out about whether I am going to be able to do the marathon while the other part of me was tired of the company (part of my adjusting back to the old life that has changed). So, I took off about a mile from Barr Camp and ran back to the car with a couple of little stops to test my legs and see if they will hold me after running downhill for a long period of time. Holly was worried about Mike's knees because he decided to wear his big backpack to keep himself from running, so she and Mike remained hiking along the trail talking intensly about their work lives. I guess eventually, they did kind of run down the mountain. For me, I learned that I need to hit the mountain a few more times to test some gear and figure out what to take on the mountain with me on August 20th! Hopefully, I will be able to get down there at least 2-3more times before my race. We will see.

I do find myself still thinking about the trail and almost getting the blues just thinking about not being out there getting the blues on the trail. Today, the temperatures are in the 100s for Denver and last year on the trail it was 100 with 100% humidity when Spice Rack and I pulled into Waynesboro, PA for resupply. We opted for the airconditioned hotel room and some fresh laundry rather than heading back out into the heat. What a difference that makes. I remember joking on our walk to dinner that night about going on a date to the movies there in Waynesboro and how it would be a kids movie beacause that was the only movie at the theater in Waynesboro. They were showing Madagascar. We never did end up going to the movies. Instead, we had our dinner and went back to the hotel to chill out in the coolness of the room. Spice Rack had turned the AC up so much that it felt like winter in the room. I remember sleeping that night with all the covers and possibly even my sleeping bag thrown over me. I slept very well though!

Pike's Peak is going to be a challenge, but I'm not sure it will be as much of one as the trail. I guess there are all different kinds of challenges. Since, my husband is hesitant to allow me another long trail for a while, I will make do with the challenges he will support. His passion is running so anything running I do he will join me and of course always do better than me. We will see how things shape up. I have friends planning the PCT in 2011. I have mentioned it to Mike and he has said simply that we will see. So, all my friends on the West Coast help me nag him to let me do it! I should also look into getting sponsorship or something. We will see what happens though!

I do thank everyone for their support of me while on the trail. Despite being done with an amazing challenge and showing how strong I can be, I do still need the support of dealing with the insanity of "reality! " Thank you and Blessed Be! Never forget to help those less fortunate than you for some day they may be your boss!


Anonymous said...

Life is what you make it - whether on the appalachian trail or the trail through life! Work thru the demons and remember there are those of us that love you dearly!!:)

Anonymous said...

Ditto comment number 1. There will always be good days and bad days. You're an awesome, strong person - keep on being you. Love and support from the in-laws. M.I.L.

Anonymous said...

Ditto 1 & 2. I've been thinking of you so often lately :-) I can imagine how sentimental you are about the AT. One year ago we were with you in Vermont. Your new challenge sounds . . . challenging! How long is the Pike's Peak hike? Days / Weeks?

You Go Girl - and BE HAPPY!
Love ya bunches!
Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your great finish of the pike's peak marathon!! And, you weren't sure if you could do it. You're an awesome woman, D.I.L. from, M.I.L