Saturday, December 06, 2008

Trail Lust Runs Rampant

Over three years have passed since I finished the Appalachian Trail and the desire burns brighter than usual right now. So much has changed in me over the past 3 + years. I do not fit in this world as I did in the past. Things move too fast and people are too self absorbed. The mountains and trails call to me. I can hear them. Yes! That sounds crazy, but it is in my blood now to conquer the beauty and absorb it into my very soul.

This is the reason I often think of being an author. Unfortunately, I can not have a coherent thought to save my soul or at least a linear line of thoughts. If I were to write, someone would have to take my writings and organize them into a cohesive story that makes sense. That is the same way with my speeches or presentations. So many thoughts float through my mind wanting to get out the information, that I lose the straight path and end up walking in circles.

Every conversation I have centers around walking in some fashion or another. My greatest thoughts come from walking (or the toilet). The freedom of the trail is what calls me as well. At the same time, I wish I could take everyone I meet out on to a long distance trail and show them the miracles of life! There is so much beauty that goes unnoticed as we all rush around our daily lives.

My next trail will be the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). I am hoping for 2010 for this adventure; however, my life may not allow it to happen. We will see what the future holds in store for me. If nothing more, then I hope to get some good s-miles on the Colorado Trail (CT). Just to be out in the woods absorbing the energy from the earth as I snuggle into my sleeping bag. Gotta get some winter camping experience too! The world is my oyster and I will conquer it all. Beware when I do as I will be overwhelmingly beautiful due to the absorption of the natural beauty. Either that or wrinkled and leathery from all the sunshine and fresh air! Both are beautiful in their own way.

Until then...