Tuesday, July 02, 2013

4th of July

So, it has been 3 days and 2 nights on the trail & I am back in Leadville.  This is beginning to feel more like a vacation than a backpacking adventure.  At the same time, we have simply turned out to be better backpackers than anticipated.  We are 2 days ahead of schedule, but reservations & food drops lock us in to shorter days & sticking to the original schedule.  Thus, we are here in Leadville through the 4th. 

It is alright being in towns, but these extended stays are sometimes a little much.  Staying at a hostel can be rewarding and trying.  After being in the woods basically alone for a couple weeks, it is a little bit of a culture shock being surrounded by people from day hikers to tourists to new residents looking for housing to cyclists and beyond.  I just want to find a small little corner to hide from people & have some alone time.

Outside of the weirdness being in a hostel and being faster than anticipated, the trek is going rather well.  I'm amazed how well I am doing after the Marathon on Saturday.  Granted I am slower than before.  Altitude makes it difficult to catch your breath. Then, I also wonder what kind of damage I have done bruising my sternum here in Leadville 4 years ago.  Some days I feel it more than others. 

We are still watching the West Fork Complex fires & it appears as though, today, we have a reroute.  These fires in the southwest of the state have affected segments 21-23 and the east side of segment 24.  There are 28 segments total for the CT, & we are on segment 9; to give perspective on the trek and distance to the major fire in the southwest.  In other words, we have a while until we reach that area.  If you figure 8 segments in 2 weeks, then we have about 3weeks until we hit the fire zone!  Wow!  Looking at it that way makes it seem way closer! 

Anyway, we are in Leadville, CO for the next couple days.  We had hamburgers today, bought beer & real food, talked to the locals, & showered.  It has been a full day already.  I'm hoping tomorrow might be more relaxing; however, we have plans to bike the mineral belt, check out the Two Guns Distillery, sleep in, & possibly visit a museum or 2.  We might also do a walking tour of Leadville.  So, slow relaxing day might be out of it.  Of course, a parade, fireworks, & BBQ for the 4th will push us over the edge. 

Looking forward to the 5th when we head back out to the trail.  Things continue to add up here at the hostel as they kind of nickel & dime us for things like towels for the shower & rides to the trail as well as meals.  The new world is all about how we can all make a buck on everything.  It seems weird but yet a natural pattern of life. 

My thoughts are with family and friends always.  You all help power me through these crazy breaks from the hectic world.  They are much needed and my husband deserves big kudos for supporting me.  You are the wind beneath my wings.

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ultradawn said...

hi hi hi you guys! you are phenomenal! packety-packing machines! can i bring you stuffs on thursday? can't stay, must work friday at 11, but i would be delighted to bring you what ever you would like! if you have service, text me your needs and location and i shall be there!