Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Adventures

It is time once again to head out on the trail and clear my head! Actually, it is WAY past time to be out on the trail. Tonight is my last night as a nurse at the hospital near my home. It is the place I did a majority of my rotations during nursing school, and I have been employed with them for the past year. I'm nervous about starting something new in an outpatient setting versus a hospital setting, but the hours are better...I think. After hiking the Appalachian Trail, it was my plan to get my triple crown of hiking by completing the other two trails (PCT & CDT) over the next 20years; one trail every 10years. At 7 years, I was already itching to be back out on the trail. So, at 8years in June 2013, I started out on the Colorado Trail, completing it the first part of August, partying the whole way. Two years later, when it came time to be on the PCT, I was accepted into nursing school and thus was unable to venture out. With graduation from nursing school came student loan debt and the need for a job to pay back that debt. So, I was still unable to return to the trail. My thought of becoming a nurse was idealistic with the concept of having only 3 shifts a week I could take week long backpacking trips. Well, working the overnight shift was not conducive to that concept. Now, I have acquired a new job rejoining the day-walkers, as I call them, and I have decided to take a 2week break between the two jobs to readjust to day living and to remind myself that I am as important as those for whom I care on a daily basis. It is only two weeks, and after 2months on the Colorado trail, I learned that is not long enough to process everything, but hopefully it will at least be a start. It has been way too long since I relied on myself and realized that I am pretty amazing. So, it is with trepidation that I start the Collegiate Peaks Loop, but I am also filled with great excitement. I will not be making town trips, as far as I know, but will try to post as I'm able. These days internet seems available in the weirdest places. Stay tuned here for updates. Cheers!