Monday, May 02, 2005

New State

Well, It has been an adventure since the last post! Where was I last? Oh yeah! Erwin, TN! So, we left there in cloudy skies with a chill in the air! It got sunnier as we moved on during the day but not real warm! Good day for hiking! It was a somewhat short day since we got going a little later in the day! Also, we were trying to save ourselves for the next day when we would shoot for 22miles over Roan High Knob!

Roan High Knob is another high point along the trail! It sits at 6200ft or so! Due to the snow we waited out in Erwin, the knob was slushy and icy. It was kind of interesting, but I did it in my shorts, which means I am either real tough or real ignorant! Based on how I felt by the time I made it to Overmountain Shelter, I would say I am ignorant. I was so cold and tired all I could do was just stare at the place. Of course it did not help that we got there to find about 20people already in the barn shelter and they had put up their tents inside the shelter! We knew of about 10more people coming to the shelter that night and Montana and I had to squeeze into a spot between a couple of tents. When Pied Piper showed up, we squeezed him in as well! It was tight sleeping that night, but at least we were warm! We used Pied Piper's tarp to cover our bags and that helped hold in the heat! The shelter was neat other than the people who had to sprawl all over! The other downer of the shelter was these guys who were section hikers and decided to wake up in the morning after snoring all night and smoke first a cigarette and then some marijuana! Annoying jerks! I left rather quickly that morning!

Upon my departure from Overmountain Shelter, I had some more balds to cross. Oh that reminds me of the day before crossing out of Carver's Gap! We crossed 2 balds there and about blew away! I was walking slanted and had to make sure I had at least 3 points of contact at all times! Yes! Trekking poles are becoming my friends! It was crazy and a lot of work! Anyway, the next day as I was crossing yet a few more balds, I was passed by Montana and happened to look behind me and get scared by the big black cloud chasing me! Montana and I decided to head for Roan and get lunch while we watched the storm pass. We found information on Buck's Place just a mile off the trail! We headed there and took a 3 hour break for lunch! It was great! We then got back on the trail and hiked another 8-10miles before setting up camp!

From there, we headed into Dennis Cove Road where we planned to do our resupply and stay over night! One night turned into 2 nights due to us being afraid of a little rain! Actually, we woke up in the morning to heavy rain and decided just to rest before pushing ourselves into Damascus in 2 days! It was a nice relaxing location at the Laurel Fork Lodge where we had a cabin to ourselves. Some people I had been playing leapfrog with from the beginning moved to Laurel Fork Lodge from Kencora Hostel! It was neat to hang out and chat with them! So, it all worked out well!

The rain did not let up for the following day and we headed out anyway! Laurel Fork gorge area was really neat! We enjoyed our hiking that day! It was a bit of a change compared to everything we had seen up to that point! We are getting tired of people telling us about the trail and them being wrong in our book. Maybe us western-ers are just use to more challenging things, who knows! We did 24miles that day and thought we would have the shelter to ourselves. It ended up being 5 of us in a shelter that holds 8, so it wasn't too bad! Got cold during the evening though! Wonderful terrain as we found we had done about a 3-3.5mile pace for the day!

So, I am in Damascus, VA! Pretty exciting to be in yet another state! Not exactly as I imagined the town, but it is quaint all the same. They are preparing for Trail Days here in a week. I do not plan on returning for the celebration. It sounds like a big party with a bunch of hikers drinking! Get enough of that on the trail at certain stops as it is these days! We will see how things are going at that point though! Montana and I pushed 26miles yesterday and got into Damascus around 5pm. It was a quick day and we were not as tired as we have been on other 20mile days! Again, the terrain was conducive to the pace! Last night, we had italian for dinner and then walked all over town as though we had been in town for days! It was crazy! Looking to head out tomorrow depending on our moods. We do have another night in our little hostel location if we so desire. I think we are both ready to go though. It will be a late start and we hope to have a good breakfast first. Then we are going to slow down the pace to try not to burn out through Virginia. It is going to be a long hike, but we have enjoyed it so far!

I hope all is well along the home front. I am thinking of everyone constantly! Looking for post cards to send but nothing much here in Damascus, VA. Thank you mommy for the drops along the way! I helped feed a local guy today with the cheese crackers. Maybe Montana will send me the photo he took of me with my new townie friend. Today, I also helped a head start school put together a sand and water table. Most places allow you a work for stay type deal! The school offered me lunch but it was scarey looking food, so I kindly declined! It gave me something to do on my day off the trail! Anyway, take care all! Like I said, I think of everyone often and love everyone lots!

Of course, my thoughts are always on my husband. I hope you are doing well my love and taking good care of yourself! I look forward to when I get to see you and hug you and just plain cuddle with you! There isn't anyone out here to cuddle with...mostly because I am not THAT close with the people out here! I love you lots my beautiful beaming beacon of god light!


Anonymous said...

Always good hearing from you. You sound like you are on a mission! You are ahead of schedule and moving right along. Way to go. Can't wait to see pictures.

Love ya bunches


Anonymous said...

Hey Peeps! You sound like you are really enjoying your adventure. I think your husband is really missing you - but very proud of you. Keep trekking. Oh, Jim's co-worker that hiked last year remembers "one-thing". We're trying to find out what Andy's trail name was. Oh, and he's doing a presentation at the Holland Outpost on May 19 that we plan to attend. Love ya, the in-laws!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you again. I am still amazed at what I hear you are doing. 24 miles in a day. Wow. I am proud of you. It's snowing and cold back here for May. But it is Michigan. Yes I think living in Michigan and Denver helped prepare you better for your hike. Love and hugs auntie t

Anonymous said...

Not much to say but I miss you. I'm glad you are doing well. I'm telling everyone about the trip and they are all impressed! Keep it up, sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darlin'
Just got caught up on your adventures. Driving 24 miles a day wears me out! What wonderful memories you will have from this trip and the journal will sure help you keep the people, days and stops straight when you reflect.

Love ya bunches and bunches!
Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

Hey there, waiting for some more news on the trek! David and I are thinking we need to get our flights booked this weekend if we want to get out there June 17th or 18th to meet you. Let me know if you're still planning to be in MD around that time, and we'll fly into Baltimore - if not we'll figure something else out! :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hey "peeps",
I am glad you are doing OK. Sounds like a great time. How are the feet?,you're on the 3rd pair of boots ,right? HAVE YOU SEEN THE LIGHT? Can I mail you anything? But alas, you have everything you need, the LOVE of friends and relatives,
Via con Dios, REI Tom R

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